Race Weekend Coverage From Portland International Raceway

Image June 10, 2009 - Cindi will be competing in the 2009 Rose Festival Rose Cup Races.  Come out and watch all the action on Cindi's home track as she competes in this event for the first time since 2006.

Cindi's on-track times are as follows (subject to change by track officials):

Day Date Time
Fri June 12 11:30am - 11:50am Practice
Fri June 12 4:00pm - 4:25pm Qualifying
Sat June 13 11:50am - 12:15pm Race 1
Sat June 13 5:35pm - 5:55pm Qualifying
Sun June 14 9:40am - 10:05am Race 2

The entire weekend of activies can be downloaded here.

News updates and photos.

Thurs June 11 - The day was spent shaking down a newly received Dodge Viper Competition Coupe. This car will be sent to Miller Motorsports Park in Utah as part of a marketing program that Cindi will be involved with.

Fri, June 12, 1pm - Cindi topped the charts of the SPO class during the morning practice session, clearly happy to be back behind the wheel of her World Challenge GT Series Dodge Viper Competition Coupe and on her home track. Unfortunately, she was called into the pits for allegedly exceeding the sound levels for the track. Strangely enough, the Lux Performance team was prepared for the sound restrictions at PIR and had outfitted the car with a muffler system.

Fri, June 12, 8pm - During the afternoon qualifying session for the first race on Saturday, Cindi's times put her on the front row. She would only get in three laps during the session when once again, she was signaled into the pits for noise issues. As of this writing, the team was working with track officials to figure out what was causing one of the quieter cars on the track to be called out as the loudest - by far louder than the Trans Am cars. Cindi is also "double dipping" this weekend - she's picked up a ride in a Mazda Miata in the SM class. It's clearly a departure from the hefty torque of the V10 Viper, but she's having fun with it!

Dodge Viper Competition Coupe Image From Viper to Miata
Photos by Jeff Boerio

Sat, June 13, 11pm - After working with race officials after Friday's qualifying session, Cindi's car remained on the front row for today's first race.  Cindi tucked in behind a GT1 car coming into the chicane, and would go on to not only win her class, but the overall group as well.  In the Spec Miata race, Cindi finished in 11th after a qualifying session that did not go very well.  Saturday afternoon, Cindi again put her Dodge Viper Competition Coupe on the pole for Sunday morning's race.

Sun, June 14, 10pm - The Lux Performance crew prepared the perfect car for Cindi, as she took her Dodge Viper Competition Coupe from the green flag to the checkered flag.  After the race, the only question was who would get to hold the flag during the victory lap.  Crew Chief and husband, Fred Lux, was happy to take a Sunday drive with his wife behind the wheel.

Image Image Image
Photos by Jeff Boerio