2011 Press Releases

Cindi's Thoughts On 2011

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Aloha, OR - Dec 21, 2011 - 2011 verified a lot to me. It confirmed how blessed I am with great opportunities, and it showed me how badly I want to do more! The challenges of the season actually inspired me and I think, time-and-time again, we really rose to the occasion. The year has also encouraged me to set our team's, and my personal, bar even higher!

This past year was extraordinarily busy for me. I made the error recently of checking my Delta frequent flyer account on how many flights I did in 2011… 91 times I heard the plane door close and corresponding safety talk from the flight attendant that I can do in my sleep. That means 91 times going through security. Yikes. Regardless it was a great year being so involved with Dodge Motorsports for running their Dodge Viper Cup Celebrity Program, being involved with the Ford Racing High Performance Driving School at Miller Motorsports Park, and learning what it's like to drag race in a special exhibition race for Mopar in Denver. And while my personal racing was limited - something I am planning to correct in 2012 - I was still able to capture a podium finish in the Rose Cup race setting a personal best at Portland's premier sports car race.

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