Other Fun Projects


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This 1959 Cushman was a restoration project by Fred.  In the process it was converted to use a newer, electric start, 8 hp gas engine.

Tire Dryer

While tire dryers are sold by a few vendors, Fred designed and built this one.  It allows an air source to be connected to 4 race tires at the same time.  Along the way the incoming air passes through a desiccant canister to remove moisture from the air.  There are also a set of valves to allow all hoses to remain attaches and still allow for filling and draining the tires.  The goal is to remove moisture from the air in the race tires.  This reduces the amount of air pressure buildup in the tires as they tires heat up on the racetrack.

Pit Trike

* For sale * - contact Fred for more information.

The pit trike was designed to haul equipment at the race track.  It is powered by a 5 hp gasoline engine.  The front platform can hold boxes, a stack of 4 tires, an engine, or even a full 55 gallon fuel drum.  This is an easy, fun to drive, utility vehicle.

Bouncing Betty Battlebot

Fred worked with a local Portland customer to develop this battlebot called Bouncing Betty. The design is a two wheeled wedge with a pneumatic lifting arm.

"Bouncing Betty had great success at Battlebots' Season 3  middleweight tournament [in San Francisco], winning three bouts before elimination."  From the book, Fighting Robots: A Guide To Radio-Controlled Combatants.

Tire Rack

The tire rack was designed to haul mounted race tires at the race track.  Its tall skinny nature resulted from the need to fit in a skinny hallway in the transporter.  It is towed to pit lane along with the war wagon.

Leaning Bicycle

The leaning bicycle was a quick prototype for learning the dynamics involved with a 3  wheeled leaning platform.  This knowledge was then applied to a customer project involving a powered 3 wheeled leaning vehicle.