Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

Cape-Ape Imports / Hybrid Mini Trucks

Converting mini trucks from gas vehicles to hybrid eclectic for Cape-Ape Imports. Conducted the research and testing for components to make this conversion. We developed a “kit” for Cape-Ape Imports to offer customers to make this change.

The gas engine was replaced with a 26 kilowatt electric motor and a 48 volt battery system.  Custom motor mounts were created to allow the electric motor to bolt directly to the gearbox.  The battery system is charged as needed with a quiet, 8 hp diesel engine.

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Hybrid Mini Bike

* For sale * - contact Fred for more information.

This hybrid mini bike started with a 3 hp electric motor powered by a 24 volt battery system.  Due to the its need to be recharged, at somewhat inconvenient times, a Honda generator was added.  The generator provides DC to the battery charging system and 120 volts AC as a portable electric outlet.

Viper Bike

Fred designed and built this electric bike.  It uses a 400 watt electric motor in the rear hub along with a 24 volt battery pack.  The frame was extended in the center section to accept the battery pack along the top from tube.

Electric Motorcycle

This motorcycle started life as a Kawasaki 80 dirt bike.  It has been converted to an electric drive train using 33 kilowatt electric motor and a 48 volt battery system.  The bike only has one gear but can carry the front wheel on launch.

Electric Go Kart

This go kart is a new project for 2008 and is being developed for a customer.  The kart is bring converted to electric power.  More information will be added as the project moves further along.