Lux Performance - Board Track Bike

Lux Performance Announces New Electric Board Track Bike

Where the past meets the future …

We are in a time where barriers are being broken and the advancement of technology is outpacing any era since the earliest days of motored transportation. 

Designed and built by Fred Lux of Aloha, Oregon, the Lux Performance Electric Board Track Bike combines forward-reaching technology and a classic shape echoing the harrowing high-banked board track races on two wheels. Unlike the pioneers of the craft, the custom-built machine pairs a Briggs ETEK electric motor, Chevy Volt battery pack* and ALTRAX Electric Motor controller with a custom-crafted Lux Performance frame and Girvin fork to provide an electric sport bike producing 26.8 HP weighing-in at a flyweight 135 lbs. The custom bike requires over 200 hand-built hours to reach its final efficient form. 

Crafted exclusively upon request for discerning riders, the Lux Performance Electric Board Track Bike is the ideal bridge between bicycle and motorcycle. With a 100-mile range, the 20,000 Watt two-wheeler is a perfect around-town ride sure to capture envious looks. 

Fred Lux: “I have been involved in high performance race vehicles for most of my career. For the last 15-years we have added extensive electric and robotic work as well. I knew we wanted to use the proven and safe Chevy Volt batteries to build a motorcycle. From there, I liked the spectrum of new technology on classic and clean design. The goal was to create a simple, lightweight bike to cruise around town. I am confident we have that in the Electric Board Track Bike. The build is extensive and precise so we will only be offering these to a few lucky people right now. Whether they love the past or the future, they will have it in this bike.” 


Now Accepting Pre-orders

  • 50% deposit required to place an order
  • Starting at $9,500 plus additional options or customization

Limited Availability

  • Only 10 orders will be accepted in 2020.  
  • Approximately 3-4 month lead-time

Available Options

  • Custom wordage for paint on the side of tank is optional

Board Track Bike Specifications

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2020 Electric Board Track Bike Walkthru