2016 Press Releases

Cindi Announces New Partner Maher Solutions for the 2016 Season

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Aloha, Oregon, May 10, 2016 - Portland Based Maher Solutions is a company that will be assisting Cindi in her training for her 2nd year in the Trans Am Series. Using an ultra-realistic race simulator is something new to Cindi in her racing career.  Her first experience was in 2015 when she first experienced the benefits of working with Keith Maher, owner of Maher Solutions.

Motorsport simulation is a developing market and Maher Solutions is driving innovation by recognizing that “One Size Does Not Fit All.”  They start each new project with a blank sheet and don’t compromise by using off the shelf, entry level components.  Nor do they limit the project by requiring the large budgets to create a research scale solution. 

“Working with Cindi has been an exciting and fantastic experience, her level of experience is invaluable” said owner Keith Maher.  “Cindi recognized very quickly that the simulator was another tool she can use to take to the track.  In addition, Cindi was willing to learn new techniques to use on the simulator effectively.  Just like in an actual race, Cindi is able to extract the most out of our training sessions.”

“You have to always be looking for new ways to find speed and time.”  That’s why I was so excited that Maher Solutions came on board this year.  It's by far the most accurate and best way for me to understand the characteristics of the race tracks before I arrive.  To find things such as braking points, gears and even setup adjustments, shows that its very realistic.  I really enjoy doing long runs to help simulate the 70 minute race in Trans Am as the sim really provides the same feedback on how the car changes in our races.”

Seat time is so valuable and with testing being curtailed more and more in the interest of cost containment, a simulator is becoming a necessity for the serious racer. In the world of simulators, Maher Solutions is the top of the food chain and having it here in the Portland area is even more of a bonus.