Fred Lux

Name: Fred Lux
Hometown: Aloha, OR
Responsibilities: Team Owner

Fred has created some legendary motorized vehicles.  They come with names like The Crippler, a 40mph, battery-operated 3-wheel scooter with a wheelie bar.  Or the Big Wheel, a 3-wheel, gas-powered drifter throwback to the 70s-era kid's pedal car.

He's also been constructing and preparing race cars since 1984.  From the Mitsubishi factory team to Team Mopar, Fred has built consistent race front-runners.  He's a master when it comes to fabricating parts and engineering solutions to build safe, fast cars.  He has prepared racers for SCCA Escort Endurance, IMSA Firehawk, IMSA RS, SCCA World Challenge, SCORE Off-Road, SCCA Truck Series, and Pikes Peak Hill Cimb.