Andy Frezza

Name: Andy Frezza
Hometown: Portland, OR
Crewmember Since: We can't remember, but we'll call it 2012
Responsibilities: Marketing and Social Media

Andy grew up at Portland International Raceway and Woodburn Dragstrip watching his dad race Ford Mustangs faster than the pro drivers.  His dad inspired him and taught him how to wrench just enough to be dangerous.  Andy loves the comaraderie racers have for each other and there's no better feeling than heading out to the track on a sunny, foggy or even rain-soaked morning!

Andy's most memorable moment is every moment he gets to spend with the team out at the track during their downtime.  The group of bright and hilarious men and women that Cindi and Fred put together is truly legendary.  Their car is always ready to go no matter what the situation and the crew loves what they do.  We think he may have taken one wrench too many to the head.