Robert Montano

Name: Robert Montano
Hometown: Portland, OR
Crewmember Since: 2009
Responsibilities: Mechanic

When Robert joined the team he quickly learned the tricky balance of fun and a strong work  ethic within the business. He is a “‘Jack of all trades and a master of none.”  This is Roberts first involvement into motorsports as a team member, and he is the first one to jump and offer his assistance when work needs to be done. Robert is pretty famous around the shop for his fan favorite driving style in a Chump Car race in Portland.  Robert was a member of the traveling team in 2010 with the inaugural Dodge Viper Cup Celebrity Program that was managed by Lux Performance.  

My most memorable moment would have to be in the 2010 Viper Cup season, it was when we were at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah, one of our celebrity drivers for the weekend was Ralph Gilles the CEO of Dodge.